Get Started

Getting to Know You

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Video Instructions

Important "How To"

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Session #1

Finding Happiness in Marriage

Once you have completed the Get Started" and "Video Instructions", begin your first session here. 


Session #2

Entering the Story of Marriage

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Session #3

Love Revealed

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Session #4

The Total Gift of Self

Continue here with your fourth session.


Session #5

A Sacramental Bond

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Session #6

Real Challenges, Real Love

Continue here with your sixth session. 

Online Pre Cana Process

We would like to welcome you to our online Pre Cana marriage preparation process. We ask you to follow all of the steps in this process and really commit yourselves to dive deep into the discussions that you will have with one other. Do not skip the step of praying together as this can be a very powerful and intimate part of your process. Know that we are praying for you as you continue on your journey toward Holy Matrimony.